We feel great appreciation and gratitude towards Carol

We picked up Ares, our seven-month old Border Collie cross, from the Edmonton Humane Society without much background preparation in adding a new member to our family. There was a lot more work to it than we had realized, when issues began to arise with obedience, establishing a positive mindset around kennel training for Ares (mainly getting him to stop barking when inside), and even considering the beginnings of separation anxiety. We searched the internet and watched Cesar Millan for tips, but it wasn’t until Carol came in for an hour long session that we got our first real dose of helpful advice. As soon as she walked in the door, Ares responded to Carol in a way he had never responded to us before. One session created a huge difference in our puppy; we were on our way to becoming established pack leaders, setting up an exercise routine that fit Ares’ energy level, creating a more comfortable kennel experience for Ares and ourselves, and learning to command the required attention from Ares that came so easily for Carol. For the next few weeks, we practiced Carol’s recommendations and noticed an enormous improvement in walking Ares, leaving him in the kennel with minimal barking, and listening to our commands, just to name a few. Carol was a very attentive and caring advisor for both Ares and us; she followed up regularly to see if she could offer any suggestions, and having her energy and guidance around really helped ease us into the transition of being new pet owners. We feel great appreciation and gratitude towards Carol for her generosity, kindness, counsel, time and energy that she has given us. As first time dog owners, we didn’t know how to give Ares the proper lifestyle that he needed to be a happy dog, and because of Carol’s knowledge, experience and passion for what she does, we can rest assured that we’re heading in the right direction.