Thank-you Carol

Hello, my name is Hera. Did you see me in the photo gallery? I am a three and a half year old brown lab and my mom says I am so full of energy that I bounce for 10 minutes when she gets home. My friend Gypsy also is so happy to see her that she gets under foot and trips mom. Well at least that was the way we were. Now that Carol comes to visit us and let us out every day when mom is not home; we have calmed down a lot. I have even learned to keep sitting when mom comes home because I know now I will get lots of snuggles and treats if I do. That is what Carol taught me to do and that makes mom very happy. Even my friend Gypsy has learned to behave and that’s quite an accomplishment for a six year old beagle. We both have a great time when Carol brings Gracie over to play. At night we are tired so we sleep well instead of pacing the house. Thank-you Carol and hope to see you tomorrow.–