Thanks so much!

Good Morning Carol,

I just wanted to send you a picture to show you our “loose leash” walking…and to say Thank You for everything that you taught us in your puppy obedience class that we took at K9 Awareness with you.

I have to say that it was a most enjoyable experience for all of us. Betsy-Boo learned how to be a good doggie citizen.

We continue to practise what we learned in class each week, and our daily walks have really become most enjoyable.
We walk for an hour each morning, and we bike ride in the afternoon…a good way to enjoy each other’s company.

The walk is so much more enjoyable because Betsy-Boo is learning to sit and wait until she is invited to play, and
she now accepts (with enticement from a treat) that sometimes it will be “on by” instead of play.

Carol, we really enjoyed your class, you made it fun for all of us, and we learned the basics to help us with our beautiful dog.

Thanks so much!

Deborah, Michael and Betsy-Boo